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Yasmin Agrotech was formed as an initiative to reduce Malaysia’s food import bill, and to support the local food security drive.

With farm located at the foot hill of Bukit Unggul in Hulu Jenderam, Yasmin Agrotech’s 13 acres land provides a condusive breeding and cultivating ground for various type of stock, including Boer, Anglo Nubian, Rangeland, Jamnapari and many others. The farm’s initial stock started with 200 does and 10 certified full bloodbucks from Australia and is currently producing locally bred offspring that has better acclimatization and disease resistance.

Working closely with Universiti Putra Malaysia veterinary department, Yasmin Agrotech adopts absolute halal* practices and compliance throughout its farm activities and exercises best practices of the industry in disease prevention, control, diagnostic, monitoring and treatment for its experimental farm. Among other practices are foot bath, stock quarantine and limiting visitors or potential buyers to the barn and the separation of the breeding area in its farm management routine.

In its effort to maintain outstanding products, Yasmin Agrotech uses quality grass, silage and cube, supplements, vitamins and minerals to feed its stock and all the goats are rationed, measured and monitored diligently, weighed and recorded at regular interval to ensure optimal feeding and weight gain. The goats roam and graze in confined barn lots several times a week for exercise and playtime. This limited grazing allows for increased effective diseases control.

Committed in supporting the environment and promoting best practices, the pens and drinking water are treated with Effective Microbe (EM) for smell free environment and to ensure proper digestion. At the site, goat droppings are treated with EM and processed into organic fertilizers.

Yasmin Agrotech’s farm is complete with slaughter facility, smokehouse and barbeque pit and provides training for other interested breeders in this industry.


*Halal - a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.